January 12, 2017

Off Grid / Remote Solar

When it comes to off grid (remote area power) there are a lot of variables to think about, however we have tried to make it as easy as possible.

Our off grid solar systems come in many shapes and sizes, the one thing they all have in common is they are all built using high quality components; We do not compromise on quality because this inevitably leads to failure.

All of our systems are designed to run 240V appliances throughout the home/cottage.

All prices are shown excluding REC’s; take the REC’s value shown next to each system off the shown price to get your total out of pocket expenses.

Price shown includes installation (within reason), an actual installed price will be given when a formal quote is provided.

We supply and install high quality off-grid solar systems in Glen Innes and throughout the New England area.

System Prices

All prices are an installed price, which means there are no hidden charges.
The final cost to you is the “System Cost” – “RECs” = “Out of Pocket”. Every System is eligible for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECS), once your solar system is installed we fill in the paperwork and sell your REC’s to help pay for your solar system.

The systems listed above are the common systems installed. If you have a specific requirement then feel free to give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

System Features:

All of the system share some common features, these include:

High Quality Sealed Gel Cell Batteries

Exide are famous for their battery quality, the batteries in your solar system are guaranteed to provide outstanding performance for many years. The Batteries are a Gel battery, which  means there is no maintenance required.

3 days autonomy

this means your electricity supply will run for 3 days without sun before you need to use a generator (assuming you stick to your energy budget per day).

Built in Generator support

If you start to run out of power simply plug your generator in and turn it on. The solar system will take care of the rest. It will charge the batteries and deliver power to your house.PLUS if your generator is an electric start generator then the solar system can start the generator automatically for you.

Generator Auto start as standard

If your generator supports 2 wire electric start, then your system can automatically start the generator for you.

Automatic overload protection

Should you get a little excited and turn on too many appliances, there is no harm done. The system shuts down until you fix the problem. Then you simply restart.

Find out more

Contact us to discuss off-grid solar in Glen Innes and surrounding areas.

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