If you are building a new home or live in a remote area with unreliable power supply the cost of connecting power or upgrading transformers and lines can run in tens of thousands of dollars. More and more Australians are choosing to go Off Grid and become independent from rising energy costs. There are lots of variables to think about, however we have tried to make it as easy as possible.

Our off grid solar systems come in all shapes and sizes, the one thing they all have in common is they are built using high quality components. At Glen Innes Solar we do not compromise on quality because that inevitably leads to poor performance and failure.

All of our systems are designed to run 240V throughout the home/cottage and you can run a modern home without making adjustments to your lifestyle. We use German manufactured Gel Acid Batteries when designing your system. These battery cells are valve regulated and require no maintenance during the whole service life of your system due to ‘dryfit’ technology. 

With our Larger systems comes the peace of mind that you are getting a battery system that will last 10-12 years,  we can also prolong the life span of your system by only utilising the top 20% of the batteries energy. This also allows for three days autonomy to be built into the system, enabling added protection in times of bad weather. When only using a small percentage of the batteries capacity it means that charging times are significantly shorter and require less time to recharge. Our fully designed systems are available in a range of sizes that suit most off-grid energy requirements however, we can also custom design a standalone solar power system to suit your specific family needs.

Being able to run your home without making major lifestyle changes is the ultimate goal of running a modern family home from off grid power. Keeping this in mind there are some recommendations that we do suggest you implement in order to minimise costs and reduce power consumption. Such recommendations include simple things like constructing a house that meets basic BASIX’s requirements and creating an energy efficient home. By choosing a gas system over an electric for your  hot water heating you instantly take away the largest single load within the home. Other strategies we offer include energy efficient lighting and windows that will further enable your home to hold heat which in turn will lower heating/cooling costs.

Small Energy Efficient Cottage

Ideal for a small energy efficient home for 2-3 people This system is paired with award winning components to deliver 8.6 kWh’s of stored energy. This system has a battery bank of 26 kWh for added protection in times of bad whether and allows for three days autonomy. This system is paired with award winning components and our famous local service.

Small Energy Efficient Home

Suitable for a small 2-3 person home. This off Grid residential system is suitable for an average of 10.7 kWh in daily stored energy. With a total battery bank of 32 kWh

Energy Conscious Family Home

Suitable for a 2-3 person Energy Efficient Home. This Off Grid Residential system allows for 14.3 kWh of available Stored energy each day. With a total battery bank of 42.9 kWh you will have added protection in times of bad weather with three days autonomy built into the system.

Modern Family Home

Suitable for a Modern Family Home 17.8 kWh of available Stored daily energy. With a battery bank of 48 kWh your system will provide up to three days backup in times of bad weather.

High Modern Family Home

Suitable for a Modern Family Home with 21.4 kWh of available Stored energy  daily.  With a battery bank of 53.5 kWh your system will have added protection in times of bad weather.

Large Energy Usage Home

Suitable for a Modern Family Home 24.2 kWh of available Stored daily energy with 3 days Autonomy. With a battery bank of 72.7 kWh

Home and Farming Off Grid Solutions

Need more energy to power the home and machinery sheds? We can supply you with large amounts of stored energy up to 62 kwh per day.

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