A Tale of Astronomical Pollution and Water Consumption

Adani Coalmine

If the Adani Carmichael coal mine goes ahead then Australia’s annual pollution rates can increase ten fold.

“The Adani coal mine will proceed to draw 270 billion litres of water and pump another 7.7 billion tones of carbon pollution into our atmosphere.”

If this mine goes ahead then drought stricken farmers whose stock have been suffering for far  too long will be denied access to the river catchment Adani will drain from.

In order to generate the infrastructure required to access the Galilee Basin’s coal reserves, eight new coal mines will need to be be built further threatening the survival of the Great Barrier Reef.

It was promised that the new mines would generate 10,000 jobs with $22 billion in royalties however, the mines will now only create 1464 and only $4.8 billion dollars in jobs.

Coal is the biggest driver of global warming yet neither political is putting a stop to these issues when two thirds of the Australian population oppose the coal mines.

“It is a community commitment – an act of defiance – for the future of our planet” – Former Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown.

So How Much Water is 270 Billion Litres?

To place this quantity into perspective the images below summarise some average household water usages for 1 person. For example 4 standard 500 ml water bottles will collectively produce 2 Litres of water, if we apply this quantity to the 270 Billion Litres of water required for Adani coal mine, it would be approximately 540 Billion water bottles or 108 Thousand Olympic swimming pools.