Carbon Management (CMS) Inverter Repair

CMS inverter repairThe CMS range of Grid Connect inverters have a checkered history, once the designed faults are fixed the inverter performs admirably..

Unfortunately the manufacturer of CMS inverter range is in receivership, which leaves anybody with a CMS inverter out of luck when it comes to warranty. The CMS solar inverter is known to have a few problems, but they are fixable. The CMS Solar inverter is a pretty efficient unit when it is working, so there is no real need to go out and buy a new inverter when trouble strikes.


There are two options if your Sunnyroo solar inverter has stopped working.

  • Option 1: Purchase a new Inverter.
  • Option 2: Get the Inverter Repaired.

Option 1: Purchasing a new Inverter to replace the CMS.

If you decide you want to purchase a new inverter, then we suggest the following inverter choices. We base this on knowing the inverters below will just plug straight into your existing CMS installation, which means your electrician will easily do the swap over for you.

Option 2: Get the CMS Solar Inverter Repaired

This is where we can help.. the process is straight forward. You will need to arrange for an electrician to get the inverter off the wall and into a box; once done we will arrange a courier to pick it up and send it to us, we will fix it, and have it sent back to you – the whole process takes about 14 days from pickup to drop off.
Below are some of the most common CMS inverter faults we find:

Relay Fault

The output relay fault is a very common problem; sometimes it means the relays need to be replaced, sometimes it will be the output filter capacitors collapsing; either way the inverter will need to be sent to us for repair.

There is no life in the inverter

By this I mean there is nothing on the screen, no lights are on. This will be the internal power supply on the inverter; the power supply is famous for collapsing prematurely. The good news is we can refurbish the power supply and get it working properly, while we are fixing the power supply we will also make a few minor modifications to it so it will last longer

Grid Fault

The CMS Solar inverter will go through the startup sequence, start delivering power, then disconnect with a Grid Fault.
This is not a hardware fault, it is a software fault, the fix is easy enough, you need to log into the CMS inverter with a piece of software and modify the grid parameters.

Send your Inverter for Repair

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