Effekta ES Series Solar Inverter Repair

effekta inverter repairThere is no manufacturers support available for the Effekta ES Series Solar inverter, however most problems can be repaired.


The Effekta is a replica of the Sunnyroo inverter. There are two options if the Effekta has stopped working:

  • Option 1: Purchase a new Inverter.
  • Option 2: Get the Inverter Repaired.


Option 1: Purchasing a new Inverter to replace the Effekta ES Series.

If you decide you want to purchase a new inverter, then we suggest the following inverter choices. We base this on knowing the inverters below will just plug straight into your existing Effekta installation, which means your electrician will easily do the swap over for you.

Effekta ES1500TL – Solis 1.5kW Grid Tie Inverter

Effekta ES2000TL – Solis 2.0kW Grid Connect Inverter

Effekta ES3000TL – Solis 3kW Grid Connect Inverter

Effekta ES4200TL – Solis 4.0kW Grid Connect Inverter

Effekta ES5000TL – Solis 5.0kW Grid Connect Inverter

Option 2: Get the Effekta ES Series Solar Inverter Repaired

This is where we can help.. the process is straight forward. You will need to arrange for an electrician to get the inverter off the wall and into a box; once done we will arrange a courier to pick it up and send it to us, we will fix it, and have it sent back to you – the whole process takes about 14 days from pickup to drop off.
Below are some of the most common Effekta inverter faults we find:

ERR22 - Output Relay Fault

The output relay fault is a very common problem; sometimes it means the relays need to be replaced, sometimes it will be the output filter capacitors collapsing; either way the inverter will need to be sent to us for repair. When we repair the relays we use OMRON relays, there are a robust industry leading relay and will give much better service life.

There is no life in the inverter

By this I mean there is nothing on the screen, no lights are on. This will be the internal power supply on the inverter; the power supply is famous for collapsing prematurely. The good news is we can refurbish the power supply and get it working properly, while we are fixing the power supply we will also make a few minor modifications to it so it will last longer

AL14 - Utility Waveform error

This error code is normally accompanied by another error, and it is the other error that is really causing the problem. Most sunnyroos when they start up will show the AL14 error code for a few minutes before it starts up.

If the AL14 is the only error code you see and it does not clear itself then you need to consider the following:
AL14 is a very complicated way of the inverter telling you it cannot see the mains power supply. The first thing to make sure of is that all of the AC isolators are turned on, there will be one next to the inverter and one inside the meter box. If all of the AC isolators are on then it means the fuse inside the inverter has blown.
An electrician will be required to change the fuse because the front cover of the inverter needs to come off in order to access it. It can be found in the lower right hand side inside the inverter.
The fuses are quite hard to find, if you cannot source them locally then we are happy to send them out to you

AL07 - Boost B Under Voltage

You will only see this error on the dual MPPT sunnyroos and it indicates String B of the inverter has collapsed. The inverter will usually still be working (the green light will be solid on), however you will only be working at 1/2 production.

If you have this error on your inverter it is strongly advise to isolate the panels connected to String B to prevent any further damage to the unit or the solar panels.

Send your Inverter for Repair

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