Eversol Solar Inverter Repair

Eversol inverter repairThere is limited manufacturers support available for the Eversol Solar inverter, however most problems can be repaired.

The Eversol grid connect inverter does have some form of really basic manufacturers warranty, however when you look around at the feedback people are providing it is disasterous. In many cases people are waiting months for a change out inverter, only to have the new inverters fail soon after.. and in many cases the new inverters fail the same day.

There are three options if your Eversol solar inverter has stopped working.

  • Option 1: Try and get it repaired under manufacturers warranty.
  • Option 2: Purchase a new Inverter.
  • Option 3: Get the Inverter Repaired.

Option 1: Manufacturers Warranty.

The process is painful and can drag on, but if you wish to have a go, then the company you need to speak to is Zeversolar – www.zersolar.com

Option 2: Purchasing a new Inverter to replace the Eversol.

If you decide you want to purchase a new inverter, then we suggest the following inverter choices. We base this on knowing the inverters below will just plug straight into your existing Eversol installation, which means your electrician will easily do the swap over for you.

Eversol TL1500 – Solis 1.5kW Grid Tie Inverter

Eversol TL2000 – Solis 2.0kW Grid Connect Inverter

Option 3: Get the Eversol Solar Inverter Repaired

This is where we can help.. the process is straight forward. You will need to arrange for an electrician to get the inverter off the wall and into a box; once done we will arrange a courier to pick it up and send it to us, we will fix it, and have it sent back to you – the whole process takes about 14 days from pickup to drop off.
Below are some of the most common Eversol inverter faults we find:


By far the most common problem with the Eversol inverters are the output relays; if you see the error Relay-Check-Fail then your output relays have failed. The Eversol output relays are cheap and fail very quickly; when you take the inverter to the manufacturer for warranty they replace the relays with cheap rubbish again. We have developed a special interface board that allows us to install high quality relays, which means they last and last.

Book in to repair Eversol Relay Check Failure here on our website.

DC Isolation

This error means there is a short internally in the inverter.

Send your Inverter for Repair


Common Fault Codes

LCD Display Possible Actions
Isolation Fault 1. Check the impedance between PV (+) & PV (-) and the inverter is earthed. The impedance must be greater than 2MΩ.
2. Check whether the AC-side has contacts with earth.
Ground I Fault 1. The ground current is too high.
2. After cut off the AC side connection, unplug the inputs from the PV generator and check the peripheral AC system.
3. After the cause is cleared, re-plug the PV panel and AC connection, and check PV-Inverter status.
Grid Fault Fac Over Range Vac Over Range 1. Wait for a moment, if the grid returns to normal, PV-Inverter automatically restarts.
2. Make sure grid voltage and frequency meet the specifications.
Utility Loss 1. Grid is not connected.
2. Check grid connection cables.
3. Check grid usability.
4. If grid is ok, and the problem persists, maybe the fuse in the inverter is open, please call service
Over Temperature 1. The internal temperature is higher than specified normal value.
2. Find a way to reduce the ambient temperature.
3. Or move the inverter to a cooler environment


For more information regarding this inverter click on the link below to view the user manual

 Eversol Inverter user manual