Need more power to run the home and property? We can fully customise a quote for your specific needs. With our farming solutions we can place the system in a central location and run undergrounds to power the home and other buildings.

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Home and Farming Solutions

Glen Innes Solar can fit you with a system that is adaptable to the high energy requirements and can supply a battery bank of up to 183 kWh this allows for a  daily average of 61 kWh’s. It is perfect solution for large properties, farms and stations we are able to power multiple buildings without a compromise on lifestyle or quality.

  • Locally engineered systems
  • Ongoing Local Service and Support
  • Award winning components
  • 12-15 year life expectancy on batteries
  • German; Deep Cycle Gel batteries
  • 10 year Inverter Waranty
  • 5 Year Selectronic Warranty
  • 12 year Manufacture Panel Warranty
  • 25 Year Output Panel Warranty

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