July 10, 2019

Inverter Repairs

 It is with regret that we must inform you we are no   longer offering Inverter Repairs as part of our   service

But we may still be able to help. 





















 For the past three years we have been Australia’s leading Solar Inverter repair center. 

We would like to thank our valued customers for their support over this time. 

We would also like to thank Daniel for his time with Glen Innes Solar and to wish him good luck with his new ventures returning to the IT industry. It has been a pleasure working with you.   

Inverter Warranty 

If your inverter is less than 5 years old, There’s a good chance you may still be
covered under warranty. Now more than ever inverter companies have an Australian presence and complete their own repairs.  (assuming the manufacturer is still in business)

If the Manufacturer has gone out of business, this could be for good reason, and the fault your experiencing could just be the tip of the iceberg. We saw it all too often. An Inverter would come in with one fault but once opening the unit our tech would realise that multiple components had failed and would have to  replace multiple parts.

Common Causes of Failure 

Solar inverters can fail due to many reasons, the most common we have encountered are –

  • lightning strikes
  • transients in the grid voltage
  • flash from the solar panel
  • internal components ageing
  • excessive heat
  • operating beyond the design voltage or current limits.

We have also found “natural causes” such as ants nests, wasps and geckos, to have caused failures.

Often, the cause is not obvious


An Opportunity to Upgrade? 

Failure of your old inverter may be a good opportunity to upgrade to a better, more reliable or higher efficiency inverter. Most new inverters also come with monitoring platforms that also alert you if a problem does arise. So you won’t be in the position of waiting a full billing period before discovering there is a problem. 

In some cases your insurance company or power distributor may have agreed to pay the replacement costs. In this case you can purchase a new inverter and may be surprised by the higher performance from your new inverter.  

Modern designs are generally more efficient, safer and more reliable than earlier types. The inverters that we recommend all have an efficiency rating of 98% or above. 

We can supply high-quality Chinese and European-made alternatives to fit every budget.

When you weigh up the benefits, including a new warranty, higher efficiency, better performance and increased safety, often it just makes sense to consider upgrading your inverter when a problem arises.  

New inverters will give you more usable power, and come with a manufacturer’s 5, 7 or 10-year warranty.

These are some of the inverters that we would recommend and they can be purchased from our online store  



  • SMA have been involved in devlopment of renewable energies for 35 years
  • German manufactured (yes 100% of their Inverters components are now manufactured in Germany) 
  • 5 year warranty with the option to upgrade to 20 years. 
  • Remote monitoring, SMA will log into your system every 3 days and alert you if there is an issue. 


  • ‘Leading the way for over 70 years’ 
  • 5 Year standard warranty, register your inverter online and receive an additional 5 years. 
  • Online monitoring through the Solar Web portal 
  • Local support with Australian head office


High Energy efficient conversion rate of 97.8%

Local Support with head office located in Melbourne

High Quality tested Chinese company with expected operating lifetime of 11 years

Extended warranty period of 10 years

Monitoring available through SolaX Portal v2




Still have some questions? Get in touch with us  

180 Dumaresq St Glen Innes NSW 2370


For inverter repair enquiries please contact us through email or by filling out the contact form as our technicians are not contactable by phone