January 11, 2017

Inverter Repairs

We are Australias leading solar inverter repair center. We specialise in abandoned solar inverters.. What do we mean by this?

There are more than 100,000 solar inverters that have been installed in homes around the country, they are starting to fail, and the companies responsible for these products are no longer in business… we call them abandoned inverters. Are you having problems with any of the inverters listed below.


We see and repair many Sunnyroo inverters every year. If you need help with your Sunnyroo then read more here.



The Sunna solar inverter is an exact replica of the Sunnyroo. If you have a broken Sunna solar inverter then read on to see how we can help.


The Solar King inverter is another in the long line of low cost inverters that fail quickly and have been abandoned.

Carbon Management (CMS)

The CMS range of inverters can have any number of problems, however most of them are fixable.


Eversol are a little different to the other abandoned solar inverters; there is still basic warranty on them, however…our customers tell us after 2 or 3 replacements, each taking months to resolve it is cheaper and easier to send them to us.


The Effekta ES Series inverters are identical the the Sunnyroo inverters, as such they have all of the same problems.


The Motech solar inverter is not a bad solar inverter. It does however suffer from relay failures. The relays problem is fixable.


JFY is the manufacturer, they make the following brands, JSI, Suntwins, Suntree, Sunseed, Sunleaf.

ABB/Power One Aurora

The ABB Aurora and UNO inverters are a good quality inverter with a small problem. Get your inverter fixed, do not throw it out.




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