Suitable for a modern family home with high energy usage patterns. This system is ideal for a large family that consumes an average of 24.2 kWh per day. This system has a battery bank of 72.7 kWh for three days autonomy and is Paired with award winning components and famous local service.

Large Energy Usage Family Home

When building a new home the cost of connecting to the grid can soon add up and the thought of still being left with a electricity bill at the end of that can seem unsettling.

Our off grid residential solar systems provide an affordable and reliable energy solution, with the peace of mind that you are protected from rising energy costs. This system is ideal for low  energy consumers with a daily allowance of 24.2 kWh in stored energy.

This system has three days autonomy built in for a total battery bank of 72.7 kWh.

  •  System Voltage 48 V
  • Sonnechien battery bank of 24 batteries rated at 1516 Ah
  • 7.4 kW of Solar
  • 27 x 275 W Teir 1 Panels.
  • Selectronic SPpro bi directional inverter and charging unit.
  • Selectronic Certified Fronius   7 kW Inverter
  • Power Delivery 5 kW – Surge to 15 kW
  • Lightning Protection
  • 10-12 years battery Life Expectancy
  • 12 Year Manufacture warranty on Suntech Panels
  • 25 Year Output warranty on Suntech Panels
  • 5 Year Inverter Warranty
  • Full Installation

Days Autonomy

Daily Allowance

Latest Projects

Looks good, but need more energy?

Our Fully designed systems are available in a range of sizes to suit most off grid energy requirements however we can custom design a standalone solar system to suit your specific energy needs. 

Energy Conscious Family Home

Suitable for a Modern Family Home
14.3  kWh of available Stored daily energy with 3 days Autonomy. With a battery bank of 42.9 kWh

High Energy Usage Home

Suitable for a Modern Family Home 21.4 kWh of available Stored daily energy with 3 days Autonomy. With a battery bank of 64.3kWh

Home and Farming Off Grid Solutions

Need more energy to power the home and machinery sheds? We can supply you with large amounts of stored energy for up to 62 kWh per day

We’ve Been Installing Solar  For Over 10 Years

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Choosing to go off grid solar can be a big step but when you choose Glen Innes Solar your investment is safe with local service and support we are with you every step of the way. If you ever encounter a problem we are only ever a phone call away.  With more than 10 years experience we have developed as a company to bring you reliable and quality systems that will stand the test of time.

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Did you know that if we worked on replacing your batteries every 10 years, off grid solar is still one of the cheapest forms of electricity and it works out to be about $0.17 per k/wh … Try getting rates like that from your energy retailer.

Are there any rebates available?
Yes, Even though you aren’t connected to the grid or an energy retailer you are still entitled to the Small- scale Technology Certificates. These are calculated by the amount of energy your system will produce each year until 2030. When you receive a quote this will be your total out of pocket expense minus the STC’s
How much stored energy do I need?
It is really important to size your system correctly when choosing to go off grid, it is not as simple as just “adding more” later. This is why we will ask you a series of questions before providing you with a quote to ensure your system is sized correctly. We do not believe in asking you to list every appliance you will use within the home because we feel this is restrictive and unattainable long term. All our systems come with three days autonomy built into them for added protection bad weather.
Is Lithium an option for off grid?
In some cases lithium can be a practical solution for off grid customers, generally we prefer to use Gel Acid Batteries and there are a few reasons for this. All our systems are built with three days autonomy built into them for added protection in times of bad weather, to do this with Lithium can become costly and soon run upwards of $60,000. At present lithium also can not compete with surge outputs of power and is limited to 5 kW’s output currently  the Sonnechien allow for 15 kW’s of surge power. If Lithium is the way you want to go, call us to arrange a customised quote and we can assess your energy needs and see if lithium is a practical solution.
When is the ideal time for installation?
With new home builds and off grid systems we try to be flexible and work with you and your time frame. In some cases when you are in a remote location your builders may require power on site in order to progress with your build. If this is not the case and the system is going on the home and not a corresponding shed, then ideally we would install before any gyp-rock is put up and existing electrical wires can be easily accessed. It is important to remember that even though your batteries are installed inside a contained enclosure they still need to be located inside a weather proof location to help prolong the life of the batteries. We work with you and your time frame when ever possible.

Client Testimonials

“We were quoted $70,000 to have power connected to our new property for a fraction of that price we had an entire system installed and we aren’t stuck with a power bill each month.”


“The team at Glen Innes Solar were great, they answered all our questions and made the process really easy, they worked with our builders to fit in with their schedule and have us in by Christmas.”


“For us the decision was easy, for the same price to connect to the grid we could have a system that met our energy needs and not have to pay another energy bill!”


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