January 28, 2017

Solar Checkups

Why are solar checkups important?

Solar systems are exposed to the extremes of our environment and require ongoing maintenance to keep them safe and performing well for you.

Solar systems need to be checked every 2yrs at a minimum.

Call us and put your mind at ease.
We perform system inspections and solar checkups for $150 (incl GST)


solar checkups 1

Solar Panel Faults:

If a solar panel develops a crack, or has a poor joint in the junction box they can burn which presents a safety hazard to your home and your family.

solar checkups 2

DC Isolators failing:

Should your DC Isolator next to the inverter fail over time the results can be disastrous.

solar checkup 3

Rooftop Isolator faults:

Rooftop isolators will perish with age, and the thermal expansion and contraction over time can create issues with wiring termination. This rooftop isolator caught fire while the owners were at work. According to the neighbours it burnt for 20 minutes.

Book in a solar inspection now

Make sure that your home and family are safe, and that your solar system is working as well as it should.  Arrange a solar inspection today for only $150.

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