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Solar Pumping is  ideal for stock watering solutions. If you need water delivered into a paddock then solar is the cheapest way to do it over the long term

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Solar pumps are now the accepted normal solution for providing drinking water to livestock. It is well established to be the most cost effective soution for moving water around on the farm. So forget about maintaining windmills or providing power to remote pumps, our Lorentz range of solar pumps are the way to go.

Using solar water pumps you can pump water to your stock without worrying about power. If you are currently using diesel to power your pumps then you are almost guaranteed to get a fast return on investment by moving to a solar pump.

A solar water pumping system requires no fuel filling, engine servicing and has no ongoing operating costs.

A Wealth of Experience

Our partnership with REAQUA  – Australia’s premier solar pumping experts gives us a depth of knowledge and expertise  unmatched in the region. Our partnership provides us with multi-industry experience and expertise in both pumping and solar, wich allows us to deliver straight forward solar pumping solutions, from small livestock solar pumps through to fully integrated large-scale irrigation solar hybrid operations.

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How do Solar Pumps Work?

Solar pumps work by harnessing energy from the sun. Solar pumps are a very high efficiency pump designed to work directly off solar panels.

There are very few moving parts, and as long as you buy the right equipment, solar pumps are very reliable.

The 4 Key Elements

like all new technologies, on the surface things seem very simple, however under the covers there are a number of important elements that ensure you have years of trouble free operation.

The Pump

Whether you are drawing water from a bore, a dam, or a river it is important to make sure the pump is high quality. The Lorentz pump technology has a number of elements not found in other pumps. Read More

The Pump Controller

The controller is the brains of the operation. A good quality controller is capable of managing the pump, solar array, and the pipes delivering the water. The Lorentz PS2 pump controller gives you total controller over all aspects of your pump site. Read More.

The Solar Panels

The entire pumping operation is powered by the solar panels. All solar panels look the same when they come out of the box, however 2 years of operation and things look totally different. Read More.

The Installation

A successful and productive solar pumping solution requires a significant amount of design and forethought. A successful design pays attention considers the following key elements:

  • Daily water requirements, and associated storage needs.
  • Local weather patterns.
  • Detailed electrical design, with an eye to minimising losses.
  • High quality trade skills, because water and electricity dont mix.

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